Tray Capacity and Bin Vibrator Guides

New Windows compatible tool provides two complete software programs that allow the user to calculate feeder tray capacities and size bin vibrators. It also offers product reviews and drive system descriptions.

Tray Capacity and Bin Vibrator Guides

The Feeder Tray calculator determines proper tray capacities based on user-entered values. The Bin Guide program sizes the correct bin vibrator by application using the supplied material density library. Each application provides a log and prints reports.

There's also a "Product Line" section, which details Eriez' Feeders, Conveyors and Bin Vibrators ranging from small high speed and high deflection units up to the heavy-duty conveyor models. Each screen provides applications, models and tonnage ranges. The "Drive Systems" section covers Eriez' 60, 50, 30 & 25 cycle AC and DC electromagnetic and electromechanical drive systems. The entire package includes links to Eriez' Web site to access additional information, perform a product search, download literature or use the online assistant.

If you'd prefer, give us your mailing address and tell us you'd like the free Vibratory CD and we'll send it through the postal service.


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