How to Choose & Use Lifting Magnets

Think you may need a lifting magnet, but aren't sure which is the best type? Ask Orange.

How to Choose & Use Lifting Magnets

Is a permanent or electromagnetic lifting magnet best for your application? Under what circumstances is a shallow field magnet more suitable than a deep field magnet? When lifting large, flexible loads that tend to sag, are multiple lift magnets recommended? If so, how many magnets and how far apart?

This handy guide will help remove some of the mystery about using lifting magnets safely and efficiently. Whether installing just one or multiples, regardless of the manufacturer, several factors must always be considered. This manual covers topics such as the weight, shape and contact area of the objects to be lifted, surface conditions, temperature, lift frequency, etc.

You may also request a hard copy for your library. Be sure to include your postal address and the name of the booklet you are requesting.

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