Xtreme Rare Earth Plate Magnet

Xtreme Rare Earth Plate Magnets dramatically improve the depth of field and suface holding power of even a Rare Earth Plate Magnet.

Xtreme Rare Earth Plate Magnet

Eriez Magnetics continues to solidify itself as the preeminent world authority in permanent magnet technology with the unveiling Xtreme Rare Earth Plate Magnets.  Customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as others who need extreme product purity will benefit from the new Xtreme Rare Earth Plate Magnets.

Plate magnets are commonly used in angled chutes or suspended above conveyors to remove ferrous metal contaminants from bulk materials.  Some contaminants can be micron size or weakly magnetic and require very high power magnetic fields to remove them.  The Xtreme Rare Earth Plate Magnet is a prime example of Eriez commitment to continually develop stronger, more efficient separators to help customers protect processing equipment and improve product purity.

To verify the strength of your magnets, Eriez offers free magnet pull testing.  Simply e-mail Eriez or contact your local Eriez representative to take advantage of this exclusive quality assurance opportunity and learn more about the new Xtreme Rare Earth Plate Magnets.

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