PROGRADE Magnetic Separators

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PROGRADE Magnetic Separators

Eriez' series of ProGradeTM Magnetic Assemblies offer a solution for every process application.  Whether you need a low cost plate magnet for equipment protection or a high power, self-cleaning sanitary grate magnet to ensure process purity, ProGrade gives you the best for less. 

ProGrade magnets are available for immediate shipmentClick on the product of your choice here: grates, plates, tubes, traps or click on the links below or to the right.

ProGrade "Ceramic" power provides basic protection from medium to large size tramp metals such as bolts, nuts and hand tools that might damage downstream equipment.  Good magnetic strength, quality construction at rock bottom prices. 

ProGrade "Rare Earth" power helps prevent product contamination and tramp metal damage.  Rare Earth powered separators are designed to remove small ferrous contaminants such as pins, brads and clips.  Assemblies feature stainless steel construction, high-power rare earth magnets with demanding attention to welds and finish.

ProGrade "Xtreme Rare" Earth power is the ultimate in process purity.  These assemblies combine the finest materials and construction techniques with the industry's most powerful magnetic circuits to remove weakly magnetic fine ferrous contamination.  Accept no substitutes.

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