PolyMag Separator

Eriez' PolyMag Separator provides an efficient means to separate plastic regrind containing the PolyMag additive from other resins.

PolyMag Separator

The PolyMag® Separator is designed to accept mixed resins, vacuum conveyed, directly from a common granulator.  The separator uses an Erium 3000 high intensity rare earth magnetic roll (head pulley) beneath a thin Kevlar belt,  to convey the plastic regrind through the magnetic field.  When the regrind enters the powerful magnetic field, the non-susceptible particles are discharged from the roll in their natural trajectory.  The magnetically susceptible particles (containing .7% PolyMag Additive) are attracted to the RE roll and are discharged in the rear hopper.  A splitter arrangement is used to segregate the two particle streams as shown below.  The stainless discharge hoppers are designed to accept "fast clean out" takeoffs to automatically convey the separated plastic regrind to vacuum receivers, with proportional values, to blend the regrind with virgin resins.  Watch the video and learn more about Polymag.

Some of the PolyMag Separator's features include:

  • High intensity Erium Rare Earth permanent magnetic roll
  • Typical magnetic roll diameter is 4-inches with a 15-inch effective length
  • Continuous duty separating output is 150 to 500 lbs per hour
  • Variable speed drive on the RE magnetic roll & feed belt
  • Eriez 304 stainless steel vibratory feeder, 12-in wide x 30-in long, variable speed
  • 304 stainless steel feed hopper & discharge chutes with quick connect fittings
  • 10 mil thick Kevlar feed belt, 17-inches wide
  • 1/4 HP drive motor with low power consumption
  • High level, nonmagnetic discharge bin sensor to signal or shut off separator
  • Automated operation with very low maintenance
  • Multi-pass configurations are available
  • Available in 115, 230, 460 volts at 50 & 60 cycles

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