Metalarm MA3600 Metal Detector

The revolutionary Metalarm MA3600 uses pulse induction technology that offers balance coil detection sensitivity and performance; resulting in a high specification Metal Detector ideally suited for installation in quarries, mines and other arduous locations.

Metalarm MA3600 Metal Detector

Higher detection sensitivity ensures that even the smallest problematic tramp metal can be detected; thus providing better protection for crushers, screens and conveyor belts.  Adequate protection saves time and money with less equipment downtime.

There are two models of the new MA3600:  the Eagle and the Hawk.  The Hawk coil is for standard applications with a sensitivity that is typically 5%+ of aperture height and the Eagle coil is used where especially high sensitivities are required, nominally 2% of the aperture height.

High belt speeds often pose a problem for metal detectors, but not for the new MA3600 where the high level of sensitivity is maintained.  The Hawk model can also be used with steel corded belts and highly conductive products such as iron ore, giving the operator far more flexibility and protection.

The MA3600 is microprocessor based with self diagnostics and fault indication as standard.  This allows the operating frequency to be varied to suit different applications and sensitivities.  The control has a twenty segment LED signal display and a dual channel for metal and belt clip signals with coarse and fine sensitivity control.

The MA3600 is manufactured at and shipped exclusively from Eriez-Europe.

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