E-Z SlideTM Horizontal Motion Conveyors

Model HMC Conveyors gently move coated or fragile products.

E-Z Slide<SUP><SMALL>TM</SMALL></SUP> Horizontal Motion Conveyors

Eriez' Horizontal Motion Conveyors are the answer for those processors who have experienced damage to friable or delicate products caused by the hopping and tumbling action common to other types of conveyors and feeders. The Model HMC utilizes a smooth, positive-sliding action to shuffle products along without breakage and without disturbing coatings on coated parts.

In foundry and metalworking applications, noise is greatly reduced because parts gently slide along the tray bottom. E-Z Slideā„¢ HMC Conveyors are low maintenance, self-cleaning and available in a variety of tray shapes, widths and lengths.  Drop gate discharge mechanisms can be provided along the length of the tray to allow materials to be deposited onto other conveyors or feeders.

The Horizontal Motion Conveyor with the gentle advantage ...Only from Eriez.

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