PolyMag Process

Eriez' new PolyMag Process can dramatically cut the cost of recycling plastics.

PolyMag Process


The PolyMag® Process renders the plastic resin magnetic with an additive (high-concentration pellets) in a process similar to adding color concentrate.  The quantity of the magnetic additive is extremely small and does not affect the physical properties of the plastic.  PolyMag magnetic separators may be used to sort various types and/or colors of plastics.  In fact, the PolyMag process can be used to separate more than two components by using a different amount of magnetic additive for each.  Watch the video and learn more about Polymag.

Want to read what Recycling Today magazine had to say about the PolyMag process?  When you're done with that article, check out the one that appeared in Machine Design magazine.

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