Magnetic Mill Liner

The metal magnetic mill liner is a wear resistant steel-encased magnet designed for Secondary and Regrind Ball Mills. It combines the best qualities of steel and magnetic liners. The magnet holds the metal magnetic liner to the shell and retains ball chips and magnetic minerals to form a solid protection layer which serve as the wear liner.

Magnetic Mill Liner

The ball chips and magnetic minerals are retained continuously and therefore the liner may last for years without any maintenance.  The metal magnetic mill liner with the longest service life has been in service for over 10 years.

The thickness of the metal magnetic liner with protection layer is less than that of a conventional liner, resulting in a greater working volume.

Installations show that Magnetic Mill linings:

  • are safe and easy to install
  • can lower energy consumption
  • can lower medium consumption
  • can increase mill throughput
  • can reduce maintenance costs
  • can increase mill availability
  • can reduce noise levels
  • can reduce/eliminate mill leakage
  • can improve the working environment 

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