Eriez Column Flotation Cells - Coal Industry

Eriez Column Flotation Cells are ideal for efficient high volume recovery of fine coal (0.3 mm) particles. State of the art column flotation design using various air sparging techniques available. High-capacity columns with low operating and maintenance costs.

Eriez Column Flotation Cells - Coal Industry


Over the past four years Eriez has successfully worked on Eriez Flotation Columns projects ranging from lab-scale equipment to the installation of 25 large diameter columns and full scale, turnkey installations.

Basic services include evaluation studies, flow sheet development, equipment design and fabrication, and commissioning. With a sizeable staff of professional mineral processing engineers, Eriez are able to provide state-of-the-art equipment and process solutions.

This knowledge base allows Eriez to quickly respond to the needs of clients with integrity, competence and effectiveness.

Benefits of Column Flotation
Column flotation has become widely accepted throughout the minerals industry. It is no longer considered to be new or risky technology and many new concentrators have incorporated column cells into the flow sheet.
The main benefits for column flotation can be summarized as follows:
• Improved metallurgical performance
• Low capital cost
• Low maintenance costs (no moving parts)
• Superior control and stability due to the adaptability to automatic controls.

There are several features of flotation columns which promote greater separation efficiency. Some of these features include:
• Cell Geometry
• Froth Washing
• Highly Controllable air sparging system

Cell Geometry
The geometry of flotation column offers some advantages over convention cells. Column cells have a much smaller surface area per unit volume of capacity than conventional cells which promotes froth crowding. This results in higher froth densities, and when coupled with a stabilizing water addition, permits froth depths of 1m-2m to be maintained. The deep froth allows for better drainage and gives the operator more flexibility in controlling the grade/recovery relationship. Another advantage of the column geometry is that slurry flows through the cell by gravity. This permits the cells to be operated at feed densities higher than those in conventional cells and provides a greater tolerance to the presence of coarse particles.

Froth Washing
The froth washing system on flotation columns serves two purposes. The first is to provide water for froth stabilization and the second is to displace the process water which normally discharges with the froth. By maintaining a flow of wash water slightly greater than what is required to transport the froth out of the cell (positive bias condition), process water and hydrophilic particles trapped in the froth zone can be effectively washed back into the collection zone. This feature is one of the major reasons for improved metallurgical performance.

Air Sparging
Air Sparging systems for column cells have undergone numerous refinements over the years and modern day systems provide means for regulating bubble size as well as aeration rate. The ability to regulate bubble size allows columns an additional advantage over conventional flotation equipment by allowing the bubble size distribution to be optimized for the material being treated.

Multiple Sparging Systems to choose from include ….
• SlamJet System
• Cavitation Tube System
• Eriez Sparging System

For further information Eriez can be contacted at the following address:
21 Shirley Way
Melbourne Vic 3076

Contact: Liam Davis
Phone: 03 8401 7408

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