SafeHold® Lift Magnets - APL Series

Permanent magnets that lift, move or position steel with no manual operator intervention.

SafeHold® Lift Magnets - APL Series

Operator is not required to manually release the magnet. No power supply is needed. Ideal for loading and unloading steel sheets from burning tables or anywhere the operator has limited access.

Three models are available to handle a wide range of lifting capacities: 

  • APL-150 lifts up to   900 lbs  (425 kg)
  • APL-152 lifts up to 1,650 lbs (748 kg)
  • APL-154 lifts up to 3,630 lbs (1,650 kg)
  • APL-156 lifts up to 5,800 lbs (2,630 kg)

Want to see one in action?  Click here to watch the APL SafeHold video.


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