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Cadia Awards Separation Process Equipment Order to Eriez® Flotation Division

21/09/2017 - Delta, BC—Eriez® Flotation Division (EFD) and Eriez-Australia have been selected to supply Newcrest Mining’s Cadia Valley Operations (Cadia) in New South Wales, Australia, with proprietary separation equipment which will be utilized to recover gold and copper from a concentrator tailings stream. The EFD equipment order includes two HydroFloat™ Separators and four CrossFlow® Classifiers.

Eriez® Introduces Two New Metal Detector/Magnetic Separator “Double Team” Systems

19/09/2017 - Erie, PA —Eriez® introduces two new Metal Detector/ Magnetic Separator “Double Team” Systems which offer customers unmatched protection against ferrous and nonferrous metal contamination. In both of these system configurations, the metal detector and the magnetic separator work in conjunction to produce as close to a perfect product yield as possible.

Eriez® Boosts Mining Efficiency with CEEC Sponsorship Deal

11/09/2017 - Leading mineral processing technology company Eriez has joined forces with energy efficient mining and processing champion CEEC, to continue to drive improvements across the global mining industry.

Eriez® HydroFlow® Introduces Updated SumpDoc™ Portable Inline Fluid Reclamation Machine

8/09/2017 - Erie, PA — Eriez® HydroFlow® introduces a new version of its SumpDoc™ portable inline fluid reclamation machine. The design has been modified to make these units more affordable and easier to use. Eriez will officially unveil the updated SumpDoc at WESTEC 2017, which is taking place September 12-14 in Los Angeles, CA.

Eriez® Shred1™ Ballistic Separators Generate Increased Revenue for Customers throughout North America

20/08/2017 - Eriez® has successfully installed Shred1™ Ballistic Separator Units in various shredding yards, steel mills and slag processing facilities throughout North America. These separators utilize ballistics to upgrade frag by segregating the copper bearing materials from the rest of the ferrous materials. For more information on this innovative equipment, please read our News Release.


2/08/2017 - Eriez® Expands Metal Detection Staff and Manufacturing Space to Meet Escalating Demand

21/07/2017 - Successful Installations of Eriez® P-Rex® Scrap Drums across Recycling Sectors Prove Versatility, Reliability and Performance

14/07/2017 - Eriez® Australia Announces New Sales Director

7/07/2017 - Eriez® Enhanced Platform for the Xtreme® Metal Detector is Helping Dairy Processors Exceed Metal Inspection Standards and Improve Productivity

30/06/2017 - Eriez® Releases Animated Video Highlighting Wet Magnetic Filters

28/06/2017 - Eriez® CleanStream™ Process Sets a New Standard in Scrap Metal separation with PokerSort, P-Rex, and the Shred1 Ballistic Metal Separator

20/01/2016 - Eriez® Flotation Division Supplies Proprietary Process Equipment to Kropz’ Elandsfontein Phosphate Project in South Africa

13/01/2016 - Eriez® ProGrade® Program Offers Variety of Economically-Priced Ferrous Liquid Traps and Tube Magnets to Protect Sensitive Processing Equipment

8/01/2016 - SMART Brochure from Eriez® Describes How Recyclers Can Utilize State-of-the-Art System Monitoring and Reporting Technology

11/12/2015 - Eriez® Offers Chip and Parts Conveyors in Variety of Models and Slider Bed Widths

4/12/2015 - New Eriez® Xtreme® Vertical Drop Metal Detectors Achieve Highest Levels of Sensitivity in Gravity Free-Fall Applications

16/11/2015 - Eriez® Video Shows Viewers Up-Close Operation of Xtreme® PET Eddy Current Separator

11/11/2015 - Eriez’ Xtreme® Liquid Line Metal Detectors Provide Protection from Contamination and Equipment Damage

6/11/2015 - Eriez® Earns Trademark Registration on Color Orange for Eddy Current Separators

3/11/2015 - Eriez® Earns Trademark Registration on Color Orange for Lifting Magnets

30/10/2015 - Mechanical Conveyors from Eriez® Efficiently Move Bulk Plastics Material

27/10/2015 - Eriez® Features Videos Focused on Metalworking Applications

23/10/2015 - New Eriez® Xtreme® RE7 is 13 to 40 Percent Stronger than Existing Magnets in Head-to-Head Pull Test Comparisons

13/10/2015 - Eriez® Introduces Xtreme® Metal Detector Enhanced Platform (EP) for Breakthrough Metal Detection

9/10/2015 - Eriez® HydroFlow® Offers Solutions for Removing Tramp Oil from Metalworking Fluids

10/09/2015 - Eriez® Offers Nine Models of HVF Feeders with Capacities up to 2,000 TPH

4/09/2015 - CrossFlow Separator Brochure from Eriez® Flotation Division Highlights Unique Feed Presentation System to Improve Separation Efficiency

28/08/2015 - Eriez® Animation Video Showcases HydroFlow® STAR Filter® used in Machine Tool and Metalworking Industries

21/08/2015 - Rebuilding Vibratory Feeders through Eriez® 5-Star Service® Provides Significant Savings Compared to the Cost of Purchasing New Equipment

17/08/2015 - Eriez® Larger BAM Magnets Accommodate Belt Widths up to 144 Inches

13/08/2015 - Eriez¨ Splitter Monitor Reduces Labor Hours involved in Cleaning Splitter Blades

6/08/2015 - Eriez® Literature Showcases PM Rare Earth Drawer Magnets

28/07/2015 - Eriez® ProGrade® Program Expands Offerings to Include Variety of Economically-Priced Magnetic Separators for Food Processing Applications

20/07/2015 - Eriez¨ Moisture Monitor Prevents Excessive Water Content, Improves Metals Recovery and Reduces Costs

20/07/2015 - New Video from Eriez® HydroFlow® Discusses Fluid Recycling Return on Investment

10/07/2015 - Eriez® Model HFP Drum in Housing with Feed Protection Offers Superior Product Purity

6/07/2015 - Eriez® Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filters Remove Fine Ferrous Contamination from Dry Powder

17/06/2015 - Eriez® HydroFlow® Releases Two New Sump Cleaner Videos

17/06/2015 - Eriez® Metal Detector/Magnetic Separator “Double Team” Ensures Ultimate Product Purity

17/06/2015 - Eriez® Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges Provide Continuous Media-Free Filtration

9/06/2015 - Eriez® Xtreme® Metal Detectors with Standard Conveyor Systems in Select Sizes are Available for Quick Shipment

9/06/2015 - New Eriez¬® Rougher/Cleaner/Scavenger System Produces Premium, High-Grade Zorba with China’s Green Fence in Mind

9/06/2015 - New Eriez® HydroFlow® Video Highlights Various Tramp Oil Solutions

1/06/2015 - Eriez® Animated Video Showcases Vibratory Feeders, Suspended Magnets and Metal Detectors used in Aggregates Plants

1/06/2015 - Eriez® Hand-Held Metal Detectors Locate the Exact Position of Small Pieces of Unwanted Tramp Metal

1/06/2015 - Eriez® ProGrade® Magnetic Separators Help Packaging Industry Professionals Quickly Solve Their Toughest Metal Contamination Challenges

22/05/2015 - Brochure Covering Eriez® Full Line of Separation, Inspection and Material Handling Equipment Now Available for Immediate Download

22/05/2015 - Eriez’ Ingram Appointed President of PEMA

22/05/2015 - Eriez® Releases New Drum-In-Housing Animated Video

15/05/2015 - Eriez¨ Introduces Line of SMART Products for the Recycling Industry

15/05/2015 - Eriez® HydroFlow® Refractometers Help Ensure Accurate Coolant Concentration

15/05/2015 - Eriez® Offers a Wide Array of Powerful Magnetic Separators Ideally Suited for the Plastics and Rubber Industry

30/04/2015 - New Eriez® Animated Video Features Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators (WHIMS)

30/04/2015 - New Eriez® HydroFlow® Video Features SumpDoc™ All-in-One Portable Fluid Recycling System

29/04/2015 - Eriez® Releases Updated PM Grate Magnets Brochure

23/04/2015 - Eriez® HydroFlow® Brochure Features Company’s Full Line of Metalworking Fluid Recycling and Management Equipment

23/04/2015 - Eriez® Literature Showcases Cutting-Edge Chip and Parts Conveyors

23/04/2015 - Free, Downloadable Vibratory Equipment Sizing and Application Programs Available from Eriez¬® Orange University®

15/04/2015 - Commerce Resources Corp. Initiates Pilot Plant with Eriez® Flotation Division for Ashram Rare Earth Deposit

15/04/2015 - Eriez® ProGrade® Program Offers a Variety of Economically-Priced Standard Magnetic Separators for Quick Shipping Requirements

15/04/2015 - Flotation Technology Brochure Highlights Engineering and Product Innovations from Eriez® Flotation Division

9/04/2015 - Eriez® HydroFlow® Refractometers Help Ensure Accurate Coolant Concentration

9/04/2015 - Eriez® Trunnion Magnets Extend Equipment Life and Increase Milling Throughput

9/04/2015 - New Eriez® Video Walks Viewers through a Service Checklist for Eddy Current Separators

23/02/2015 - Eriez® Releases Three New Videos Highlighting the Innovative Xtreme® Metal Detector

20/02/2015 - DensitySort® Brochure Describes How Processors Can Recover Up To 70 Percent of their Red Metals from Nonferrous Fines

18/02/2015 - Teck Resources Now Using Eriez® CavTube® Spargers for Base Metal Column Flotation at Red Dog and Highland Valley Copper

11/02/2015 - Eriez® Permanent and Electric Magnetic Pulleys Can Transform a Belt Conveyor into a Powerful Self Cleaning Magnetic Separator

9/02/2015 - Eriez® HydroFlow® Mechanical Concentrate Mixers Improve Concentration Control

6/02/2015 - Eriez® Releases New Metal Separation Product Selection Guide

4/02/2015 - Eriez® Sheet Fanners are Ideal for Heavier Gauges of Steel and Hard-to-Handle Sheets

2/02/2015 - Eriez® PolyMag® Additives Help Safeguard Against Plastic Contamination in Food Products

21/01/2015 - Eriez® Circular Lifting Magnets are Efficient and Economical General Purpose Magnets

21/01/2015 - Eriez® Deep Reach Magnetic Separators Remove Damaging Tramp Iron from Light, Fluffy, Sticky or Lumpy Product Flows

21/01/2015 - Eriez® HydroFlow® Releases New Sump Cleaners Brochure

13/01/2015 - Eriez® ProGrade® Model B Ferrous Traps Protect Liquid Lines and Sensitive Processing Equipment

13/01/2015 - ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery Systems Improve Ferrous Recovery and Operate at a Fraction of the Cost of Air-Driven Metal Sorters

8/01/2015 - Eriez Flotation Division Launches New Website

8/01/2015 - Eriez® Electric Rotary Vibrators Supply an Effective Driving Force for Vibratory Feeders, Screeners and Conveyors

8/01/2015 - Eriez® Provides a Full Line of Metal Separators for Plastics Applications

17/11/2014 - Eriez® Magnetic Drum Separators Efficiently Separate Ferrous Parts from Abrasive Media

12/11/2014 - Eriez® FinesSort® Reclaims and Segregates Valuable Metal Fines from Discarded Materials

12/11/2014 - Eriez® Metal Loss Monitor Brochure Now Available Online

12/11/2014 - New Eriez® White Paper Highlights Magnetic Separation Techniques to Improve Grinding Efficiency

20/10/2014 - Downloadable Brochure Highlights Eriez® Equipment for Aggregates Industry Applications

20/10/2014 - Eriez® C and A Series Feeders Provide Superior Performance for Demanding Heavy Material Applications

20/10/2014 - Eriez® Rare Earth Rolls Provide Exceptional Purification or Concentration of Weakly Magnetic Materials

3/09/2014 - Eriez HydroFlow Introduces Deep Bed Gravity Filters

1/09/2014 - Prograde Plate Magnets

21/08/2014 - Heavy Duty Feeders

18/08/2014 - New Extreme ECS produces 99% PET yield

31/07/2014 - Filter systems from Eriez Hydroflow

15/05/2014 - Separation solutions for coal

15/03/2014 - Separation solutions for the Food Industry

1/06/2013 - Separation solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industries

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