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Eriez Headquarters and Wager Road plants in Erie, PA, USA are located on the shores of Lake Erie.  The Headquarters is conveniently adjacent to the Erie International Airport.


All visitors are welcomed to the Erie facility with the displaying of their country’s flag.


Eriez’ staff coordinates sales and service requests from around the world.

Orders are processed quickly and accurately within the Eriez Order Department.

Corporate Engineering’s CAD system, with compatible systems in Eriez manufacturing plants around the world, provides instant access to drawings and information requests from any location.

Extensive, on-going programs of education, training and information sharing enable the customer to receive the highest quality products and best service at a fair price.

The most difficult application challenges from around the world are brought to Eriez’ Technical Development Center for thorough analysis and practical solutions.

Virtually all types of Eriez equipment are available for testing with customer samples to ensure the best recommendation for the application.

Here, a customer's samples are tested on an Eriez Tuf-Trac™ Magnetic Chip & Parts Conveyor to verify conveying capacity.

Prototype magnetic circuit designs are continually developed in Eriez’ Technical Development Center.

The latest types of Metal Detection equipment are available for demonstration and testing in the Metal Detector Showroom.

Sophisticated separation tests are conducted on customer’s samples in the Central Test Laboratory.


Visitors tour Eriez’ Progress Center to learn the history, as well as the latest developments in magnetic separation, lift magnet, metal detection and vibratory feeder technology.

From electrical coils that would easily fit in the palm of one's hand to those built for the Largest Electromagnet in the World (as certified by the Guiness Book of World Records), coil winding is one of the fine arts practiced at Eriez.

All Metal Detectors and other electrical controls are assembled in an atmospherically-controlled environment to ensure the most reliable circuitry available.

All Eriez' electrical coils are wound with the greatest care to ensure optimum performance and longevity.

Eriez has the unique ability to customize equipment, from the smallest changes to complete designs - whatever it takes to satisfy our customers' needs

Eriez maintains ample inventory to ensure that all EriezXpress items are in stock and ready for shipment - always!

From the entire staff at Eriez-Erie, we hope you’ll soon have the opportunity to come see us, whether you’ve been here before or will be visiting for the first time. Either way, we are sure you’ll find your time here interesting and informative.

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